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Legal Injury is an independent advisory service offering free legal advice to injured Australians.

specialises in injury compensation claims including:

We work with leading injury compensation lawyers to help our clients pursue their entitlements. Our Personal Injury Lawyers can assist with a wide range of injury compensation claims.

Our panel of injury compensation lawyers to help our clients pursue their entitlements. Our Personal Injury Lawyers can assist with a wide range of injury compensation claims.

Our panel of compensation lawyers provide their services on a NO WIN - NO FEE basis and are happy to offer an free consultation. Why deal with a single solicitor when we can provide access to a panel of the best injury lawyers in Australia?

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Personal Injury Legal Advice

We have access to specialist Personal Injury Lawyers and Workers Compensation Lawyers across Australia who assist injured individuals pursue their injury compensation entitlements. Our panel of lawyers include some of Australia's leading experts in insurance and personal injury law. It is almost impossible to obtain legal aid to assist with injury compensation claims and therefore you require a specialist personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive any compensation to which you are entitled. Strict time limits apply to most injury compensation claims, so it is important to act as soon as possible.

Our panel of solicitors always fight hard to ensure that clients receive their full compensation entitlements. They always represent the interests of ordinary individuals against major insurance companies. Insurers seek to minimise the amount of compensation that they pay out and may not always act in the best interests of claimants - despite what they they state in their adverts! There are good reasons to seek legal advice to ensure that you are aware of your rights.

To make matters worse, some State governments have implemented laws that favour the interests of insurance companies - including strict time limits on compensation claims, unfair caps on payouts, and bans on advertising of services related to personal injury law. The cards are stacked against you from the start - you need expert independent legal advice to ensure that you receive your full compensation entitlements.

Once you accept an offer from an insurance company, that's usually the end of the story - you will receive no further compensation irrespective of whether the offer was fair, reasonable, or the injury worsens!

Contact Legal Injury today as we are here to help you and our service is FREE of charge - there is nothing to lose!

Injury Compensation Claims

In all States and Territories there are different types of personal injury compensation claims available including:

Eligibility for Compensation

If you have sustained any of the following injuries anywhere in Australia, you may be eligible to make a claim:

  • ankle injuries
  • asbestos exposure diseases
  • back injuries
  • bitten by a dog
  • brain injuries
  • broken bones from an assault
  • burn injuries
  • death of a loved one
  • electrocution
  • gunshot wounds
  • head injuries
  • hearing loss
  • knee injuries
  • lacerations
  • lung disease
  • loss of fingers
  • loss of libido/sex drive
  • loss of limbs
  • loss of sight
  • loss of toes
  • muscular injuries
  • neck injuries
  • psychological damage
  • sexual assault
  • shoulder injuries
  • skeletal injuries
  • skin disease from exposure
  • spinal injuries
  • sports injuries
  • stabbing injuries
  • workplace accidents

Contact Legal Injury TODAY if you have suffered a personal injury listed above. Even if your personal injury is not listed, contact our professional law team to discuss it & guide you!



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Free Legal Advice
Free Legal Advice